Keven | Production director for a year

I was originally destined to work in bigger companies, but I am now completely passionate about my work in an SMB. The innovative potential of Boisdaction aroused my interest. After only one meeting, I was able to see the chemistry and the strength of the team here at Boisdaction. Since that moment, I knew that the company would be able to help me fulfill my professional aspirations. Boisdaction is worth discovering for its large development potential or the many challenges it faces every day. The managing team is open and has a long-term vision that pushes each and every one of us to strive for more. Change is part of the daily life here and, personally, I find it very stimulating. Teamwork is a core value here. I find myself lucky that I was able to find a career here at Boisdaction. Our SMB is constantly growing and anyone that’s looking for a challenge will always be welcome.

Geneviève | Drafts Woman – Technician for 10 years

My day-to-day work consists of many stimulating tasks. They’re concrete and I love to see the projects evolve. Working at Boisdaction enables me to constantly push my limits because it offers me multiple advancement and development possibilities. I had the opportunity to evolve and develop my skills. After starting in the factory, I attended many training courses to become a drafts woman. Those training courses were accessible and encouraged. In this way, I pushed my career forward. The variety in the projects we work on is itself a challenge. I have to coordinate my efforts with the factory team’s own in order to stick to the timetable. I chose Boisdaction because the company is open to a work-family balance and offers me flexible work schedules. The management team is understanding when certain situations arise. My position, my tasks and the projects I work on enable to constantly push myself. The work environment is pleasant and my coworkers are really nice. I had the chance to develop strong friendships with many of my colleagues. The company’s values are similar to mine. The mission is important to me. The inclusion of the team in many important decisions allows everyone to feel included.

Nicolas | Painter apprentice for a year

My day-to-day work consists of eventful days and a constant adaptation to the different tasks. Every day is different and that’s what I like the most, there’s no routine. Boisdaction offers a nice work climate. The team is dynamic and we all help each other. The team spirit is important. The work environment is clean and many work methods are used. I have the opportunity to learn a profession that I like. There’s always a new challenge to take up especially when there are new projects. We have to find new methods and we need to adapt to the project’s needs. We want to ensure that we’ll deliver the best product we can. I chose Boisdaction for the team, my love for my work, the diverse tasks and the learning opportunities. I’m given the necessary time to properly learn how to do my work well.