Boisdaction’s company philosophy places five core values at its center: a sense of belonging, integrity, constantly raising the bar, commitment and fun. Each of those values allows the organization to fulfill their clients’ demands and to create a work environment on which Boisdaction is proud to put its name.


A sense of belonging: At Boisdaction, family is fundamental at work and at home. Teamwork is at the center of every project. Moreover, Boisdaction advocates for participative management. Every employee’s observations and comments are taken into account when a decision is made.


Integrity: At Boisdaction, we are loyal and honest. We remain true to our promises. When we say something, we do it and we do it well.


A desire to constantly raise the bar: At Boisdaction, challenges are part of the daily life. Working to push everyone’s limits enables success on both individual and organizational levels. Boisdaction never backs down when faced with a challenge and it is the reason why the company distinguishes itself from its competitors.


Commitment: At Boisdaction, giving our all is a part of every day’s work. It is because of this commitment that every employee is able to find innovative solutions that are required by the many projects they work on.


Fun: At Boisdaction, a smile is contagious and we cultivate harmony. A pleasant work atmosphere is key to everyone’s fulfilment. Plus, it makes work fun.