Serving spaces and people

Boisdaction is an architectural cabinetmaker specializing in the design and manufacture of all types of woodworking projects. The company has been part of the manufacturing landscape of the de l’Érable Region since 2005.

Our team works every day to produce high-quality projects that make a real functional and aesthetic impact on people’s lives.

Our turnkey approach allows our team to accompany all our clients in carrying out their vision, from estimate to final installation.

Our history

Founding and opening of Boisdaction at our first premises in Princeville, October 2005.
Diversification of our markets in the wake of difficulties in the U.S. economy.
Relocation to our current premises in Plessisville, tripling the available space to better serve our customers.
Development of new markets and implementation of larger projects as a result of an increase in the company’s capacity.
Expansion of the plant’s surface area to support growth of our activities.
Acquisition of Ateliers Du O Bois to expand our team.
New players, new image, new energy.

Our mission and vision

At Boisdaction, we want to create solid partnerships with our clients by providing them with impeccable work at all levels.

To do so, we seek to carry out projects that will serve not only the spaces where they will be installed, but also the people who will occupy them.

This vision leads us to consider the various projects presented to us as opportunities to always improve our products and surpass ourselves.

Our philosophy

At Boisdaction, people are at the service of materials. Materials are at the service of design. Design serves spaces. Spaces are at the service of people. Each element is therefore in perfect symbiosis with the others. That is the Boisdaction philosophy.


Creating spaces for people

Our philosophy blends spaces, people and simplicity. Our products carry their users into a functional, unique and inspiring world.


Making design perfect

We combine materials, colours and textures to offer products of unparalleled perfection. What comes out of our factory guarantees your satisfaction.


Making rigour essential

We combine integrity, professionalism and commitment to every design. What we say, we do and we do it well.


Making our team unshakeable

We bring together cabinetmakers, designers and project managers. Our passion for materials and people grows every day and gives life to unique concepts and lasting partnerships.

Our values

At Boisdaction, cooperation, responsibility and performance are at the heart of everything we do.